High-Quality Carbon-Neutral School Uniforms

Making smart choices about what we buy is more important than ever, and school uniforms are no exception. Not only do you need quality, but also confidence that what you are buying has had ethical and sustainable considerations, including labour, carbon footprint, and materials.

Made To Last

Our uniform is tough! It can stand up to the rigors of school life, rough and tumble of the playground and multiple washing throughout the school year. Longer lasting equals less uniform needed throughout a pupil’s school career, which not only saves you money, but also reduces carbon footprint. Many of you tell us how long Trutex uniform lasts. Careful design and attention to detail during the manufacturing process means your Trutex uniform is often grown out before it’s worn out. Parents tell us they are able to pass uniform from one sibling to another, or alternatively give them a second life by donating to charity or their school’s second-hand uniform shop. This simple approach to sustainability is far from fast fashion and means Trutex uniform can live on through many years wear!


Carbon Neutral Since 2012

We’re conscious of the energy and waste we produce and it is part of all our responsibilities to minimise this. From, thinking before printing and email, switching off lights when we leave a meeting room, or recycling cans and bottles we consume, our staff are encouraged to follow good principles, which are highlighted in our carbon usage annual report. In addition to these good standard practices, all our waste is separated and the least amount possible is sent to landfill.


Advanced Fabric Technology

Stain repellency is a core attribute to most of our school uniform, we know only too well the many spillages that can occur during a school day and the pressure on parents to get them washed ready for school.

Blazers, trousers and skirts are all produced with a stain-repellent property. We use Teflon Eco-Elite™ which is a bio-based and non-fluorinated stain repellent technology, the World’s first plant-based textile repellent. Because many if its ingredients can be regrown and replaced over time, its production leaves a smaller environmental footprint.

Our Akoa Endura-Dri fabric effectively wicks moisture away from the skin without the need for additional chemical treatments that tend to wear off or even leach into the skin. Thanks to its unique cross-section and ample surface area, it swiftly absorbs moisture, ensuring the wearer remains cool and dry by facilitating easy evaporation on the fabric's surface.


Sustainably Sourced

Sustainably sourced fabrics ensure the source of the yarn is maintained. We use sustainable sources for our Viscose in trousers and skirts and cotton in knitwear. Trutex Viscose – is derived fully from certified sustainable sources. Viscose is produced using wood pulp and our source is fully sustainable to that the impact of our products remain minimal on the environment.

Cotton – Cotton used to produce our 100% cotton knitwear is responsibly sourced through certified yarn suppliers Our Nurture the Future pledge commits us to all fabrics being sustainably sourced by 2025 – watch this space for updates to progress.

Contact the team today at hello@tenfeettallshoes.com and learn how your school uniform can be high-quality, sustainably made, and from a carbon-neutral uniform supplier.