Kick Off Your Shoes – Join Our Shoe Drive and Make a Difference!

Are you wondering what to do with those outgrown shoes gathering dust at the back of your cupboard? We have the perfect solution for you!

You have the power to make a positive impact on the world, tackling issues like poverty and environmental concerns.

By donating your gently worn shoes, you're not only caring for the planet but also transforming someone's life.

We're thrilled to announce the collection dates with our partner schools:

  • Australian International School Singapore, 20th-24th November 2023

Hosting a shoe drive is easy and fun. If your school would like to become a partner school please email us at


Where do my shoe donations go?

All of the shoes from your drive will go into micro-enterprise programs in developing countries around the world. These programs serve as long-term opportunities to break the cycle of poverty for those in need. When the shoes arrive, they are sorted and, together with our partners, we determine where they need to be sent to make the most impact.

Create opportunity - Gently used shoes you collect get funneled to developing countries, where people start small businesses to sell them.

Generate income - By selling shoes, business owners have money to provide for their family—and people who need shoes the most get them at a price they can afford.

Protect the environment - By repurposing discarded shoes and clothing, you keep them out of landfills and help promote sustainability.

What types of gently worn shoes do you accept?

We accept all styles, types and sizes of shoes, as long as they are gently worn!